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Grafik Marketing Communications | Diversity Employer


Our creative thinkers combine business know-how, inspired design and up-to-the-moment technology to increase awareness, drive customer behavior, and grow market share. Through truly collaborative partnerships, authentic brand differentiation is born.

Grafik has provided full-service branding and marketing communication services for 36 years.

Grafik. The Right Idea.

Grafik is a branding and marketing agency helping clients around the globe better understand and engage their audiences in meaningful ways. From strategic positioning and customer experience design to marketing automation and lead generation, we’re here to build and grow your brand. Because your business depends on it.

Inspiring New Possibilities

Grafik believes each branding and marketing engagement is a steppingstone, a foundation, shoulders for the next visionary to stand on. Every client goal accomplished, every objective successfully met, is a beginning, not an end. Our partnerships open doors that simply weren’t there before. Clients tell how we did so in the videos below.

The Grafik Team

To surface the insights and deliver the solutions that create new possibilities, we’ve brought together strategists, graphic designers, storytellers, developers, researchers, user experience experts, content creators, production specialists, and more.grafik team

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Company cultures are organic, but they can be steered—if leadership is committed, goals are serious, and people are empowered. For this to happen, diversity and inclusion initiatives must be approached using the same skills we use in all our client engagements. To that end, Grafik created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee as a first step.

Woman co-founded and with a focus on a family-friendly workplace, Grafik was pretty radical—for 1978. Through the decades, we never prevented an inclusive workplace, always welcoming diversity, but only as it came to us.

grafik teamToday, we understand the need to do more, to actively promote diversity and inclusion both within Grafik and in our work product for clients.

To that end, our newly established internal Diversity & Inclusion committee is actively broadening our recruitment efforts and our partner base, as well as bringing our staff the latest thinking on social justice.

As a branding and marketing agency, what we do has an impact. Often small, but often also surprisingly large. These outcomes are all parts of the woof and warp that ultimately is the fabric of our society, but for our work to have salutary effect, we must start with our own culture.


We Work Where You Work
Where you live is no longer a consideration for joining our team; we have employees and clients in 8 time zones. What does count is talent, determination, and the right fit. We’re always looking for bright and talented people, so if you like what you see here (and you are indeed, bright and talented) please be in touch with us soon.

Learn from the Best

  • Terrific Mentors
    While we have seasoned professionals on staff, we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. From live workshops to virtual events, we provide employees with fresh thinking from top minds in the industry.
  • Many Ways to Grow
    Use our subscriptions to sites like Linda.com and Skillshare to hone your professional skills in several different categories. We also offer tuition reimbursement for approved certificate programs or advanced seminars.

Great Places to Work Begin With a Vision

grafik teamJudy Kirpich founded Grafik with great passion and heart, backed it up with tremendous talent, and inspired us to do the same. In 2014, after nearly 40 years of focusing on clients, it was time for Judy to focus on her art. While no longer walking our halls, her roadmap for developing great brands and great relationships motivates us each day.

  • Be Nice
    Treat everyone with respect and kindness. You’ll create a culture that clients and employees want to be part of—a place that feels like home.
  • Give Back
    We’ve done so for a very long time. Not only because it feels right, but also because it keeps us focused on what’s important.
  • Work Smart
    To move people to action, you have to dig deeper than a deliverable. You have to understand the who, what, how, and why of every initiative.
  • Love What You Do
    Don’t pour your best thinking into something you don’t love. We seek more than talent—we want passion.

We’re proud that none of the technological and societal changes of nearly half a century have dimmed the simple brilliance of the above tenets.

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Grafik Marketing Communications

Project Manager

Alexandria, Virginia

Grafik Marketing Communications

Responsibilities: * Acts as the primary liaison among internal departments and as backup liaison with client contact when needed to keep a project on schedule and in budget * Works with Client Services on monitoring and communicating the im...

Job Type Full Time
Grafik Marketing Communications

Digital Design Intern

Alexandria, Virginia

Grafik Marketing Communications

Primary Areas of Focus: Digital creative, which may include social, motion design, display ads, email, video, photography and more. Requirements: * Strong portfolio of work * Interest in digital design work, especially designing engaging wo...

Job Type Intern